Sunday ,December 29th, 1918
"Golden Eyes" and Her Hero "Bill" Over There
Number Eleven
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Came a glorious day, with upstanding Bill, with the intent, sober, pitying gray eyes where a soul finer than the one he left home with looked out; gay collie dog Uncle Sam, with the banner-like tail and the unreadable brown eyes, and Golden-Eyes, the sweetheart of the two of them, with something besides the butterfly gold in her eyes to make them wonderful—came an ensoreered day when these three stood in a wide green plain—and could scarcely every after remember what happened to them! Only—the heartrendingly beautiful hordes of the Allies, blue and scarley, green, battle-tan, swept by, and stood some places in siltent lines, the thrilling fan fare of the silvery trumpets of the French opened the poignantly sweet, terrible, beautiful "Somme et Meuse," the strains of "Dixie" and the swelling of music of "The Star Spangled Banner" beat against the very heavens in a clamor of wonderful sound, with the gorgeous, compelling "Britannia Rules" rolling from drum and brass like the black smoke if the Allies triumphant guns "giving a tongue"; and, spiked in gold, tasseled,vari-colored, a rustle with Romance, the long lines of regimental Flags bloomed against the skyline like bright flame-throwers.

Golden-Eyes tried not to look "eyes-right." Bill, with more server training, kept his straight before. Uncle Sam half shut his with dignity and calm—but under the three Yankee breasts of them their heats knocked furiously!

When it was all over and they fell back into line with the other "brave," on Golden-Eye's and Bill's breasts glamed and glimmered a decoration apeice; in their eyes tears glittered, and their cheeks burned hotly with the pride of a kiss from a brave and gallant Frenchman scaled there. On Uncle Sam's army collar shimmered a silver plate with the color's of Bill's regiment, and a little story engraved there, telling modestly of his great deeds!


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All Images from the San Francisco Academy of Comic Art Collection
Bill Blackbeard -Director
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