Frederick Burr Opper
Frederick Burr Opper worked for William Randolph Hearst's New York Journal from 1899 until 1934. He drew editorial cartoons, comic strips, and numerous one-shot cartoons on a variety of subjects. Examples of two of his popular comic strips are included here, along with half a dozen one-shots. A longer biography of Opper gives details of his life, and his work for magazines such as Judge.

And Her Name Was Maud!
[Her Name is Maud]
[On the Speedway]
[Suit of Armor]
[Ohms! Amperes! Volts!]
[Poor Bill]
[Maud and the Train]
Alphonse and Gaston
"They Catch a Car"
"Alphonse and Gaston in Scotland"
"Ah, That Dear Countess!"
"They Have a Delightful Picnic in Those Lovely Woods"
"Alphonse, Gaston and Leon Celebrate the Glorious Fourth"
"The Thrilling Submarine Adventures, Part 1"
"The Thrilling Submarine Adventures, Part 2"
"The Thrilling Submarine Adventures, Part 3"
"Some People We Wish Would Emigrate to One of Our New Colonies"Opper's signature
"Some Misfit Titles"
"How Lord Chumpleigh Entertained His Wife's Mother"
"An Awful Tragedy Impending"
"The Trouble in the Jones Flat"
"Some Election Bets"
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