"What does this mean? How come you to let that committee be chosen by ballot? Don’t you know we’re undone? Was it for this I made you Chancellor of the Exchequer? Did not you engage to do all our work? And manage the House for my interest? And here’s that cursed Wise with his Committee breaking in to our Head quarters! – I’ll cashier you!!"
"Dread Sir! Be not too wratful with your servant; I did my very best. You know I have not the influence I once had; I’m sure I turned & twisted & did all a man could – Pray don’t turn me off as my constituents have done, for when I lose you I lose my best friend. – Pray try me but once more; see if I don’t carry your Sub- Treasury Bill for you, & if that passes you know we are all made!"
Drawn On Stone [Political Prints from the 1830's and 1840's]
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Attributed to Henry Dacre
Called to Account
Publisher: H. R. Robinson
Early in 1839, the House of Representatives formed a special committee to investigate the Treasury Department in the wake of the Swartwout embezzlement scandal. Traditionally, the Speaker of the House decided who served on each House committee.  The current Speaker, Democrat James K. Polk (right), had demonstrated his willingness to appoint pro-administration chairmen and majorities to all important committees.  However, the Whigs saw to it that this special investigative committee was chosen by vote of the House instead.

The devil, whose features resemble President Van Buren’s, berates Polk, who promises to pass Van Buren’s Independent or Sub-Treasury Bill.  The Bill had already failed in the House several times and did not pass until June 1840.