"Why! What an audacious heep of trash the critturs thrown up! he’ll be much relieved – and then I’ll whip this queer letter down his throat – it will be as good as a mint julep if he don’t eat it kindly he shall lick all this here stuff up again."
" Doctor Sam says you are not to come in."
Drawn On Stone [Political Prints from the 1830's and 1840's]
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Artist Unknown
Mr. Van Shuffleton and his Physician Sam
Publisher: H. R. Robinson
President Martin Van Buren, called Mr. Van Shuffleton, throws up his “Promises, Vows and Proffessions” which Dr. Sam calls “trash.”  Dr. Sam may have been an early incarnation of Uncle Sam, the symbol of the United States, or may have represented Sam Ward, a partner in the New York bank Prime, Ward and King.  Dr. Sam holds Van Buren’s Letter to Sherrod Williams, which he plans to “whip…down his throat.”   The letter outlined his views on the financial questions of the day including his opposition to re-chartering a national bank and his support of “hard-money” policies.