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A Fair City’s Plight

The San Francisco earthquake and fire occurred April 18, 1906. Abraham Rueff was the political boss behind Eugene Smith, the Mayor of San Francisco at the time. Both were indicted on corruption charges in late 1906. This is a rare example of Ireland’s early work, since most was lost in the April 6, 1907 fire that destroyed the Columbus Dispatch building.

“A Fair City’s Plight,” [1906] Gift of Preston Wolfe.

Selecting the Pilot

Chris Columbus, Ireland’s symbol for the city, ponders his choices for mayor: George Sidney Marshall, the Republican candidate; George Karb, the Democratic candidate; and Alva C. Eby, the Socialist candidate.

“Selecting the Pilot,” Columbus Dispatch, October 12, 1911. Gift of Preston Wolfe.

At Last the Dish Is Ready

Lloyd George, Ferdinand Foch, Woodrow Wilson, George Clemenceau and Vittorio Orlando present the Treaty of Versailles to a dismayed Germany

“At Last the Dish Is Ready,” Columbus Dispatch, May 7, 1919.

Is this man serious?

Martin L. Davey was Governor of Ohio from 1935 to 1939. Prior to his election he worked in his father’s well-known tree service business.

“Is this man serious?” Columbus Dispatch [1935] Gift of Preston Wolfe.

Push Ball

Ireland supported Franklin D. Roosevelt’s election in 1932, but became disillusioned with his leadership as President.

“”Push Ball,” Columbus Dispatch. May 25, 1935. Gift of Philo R. King III.

Their Answer

This was Ireland’s final editorial cartoon

“Their Answer,” Columbus Dispatch, May 30, 1935. Milton Caniff Collection.