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February 23, 1908

Billy Ireland Collection

June 12, 1910

The Columbus Dispatch offices were destroyed by fire on April 6, 1907. Here Ireland celebrates their new building across from the state capitol in downtown Columbus. His page documents the workings of a newspaper at the time, and he included himself at his drawing board in the art department.

Billy Ireland Collection

September 24, 1911

An assistant added watercolor to Ireland’s ink drawings to indicate to the printers how to make the color printing plates. Although he drew variations on many themes, Ireland never repeated himself in his title drawings. Their vitality and variety are astonishing.

December 21, 1913

Billy Ireland Collection

October 17, 1915

Billy Ireland Collection

July 8, 1917

Dudley T. Fisher was Ireland’s assistant who colored the Sunday pages to indicate to the printers how the color printing plates were to be made. Ireland’s note to him in the right margin clarifies how color is to be used to make the joke. Fisher later drew the syndicated comic strips Right Around Home with Myrtle and Jolly Jingles.

November 9, 1919

Following the disastrous flooding of the Scioto River in 1913, Ireland campaigned for improvements along its downtown shoreline for more then a decade.

Billy Ireland Collection

April 11, 1920

Billy Ireland Collection

November 2, 1924

Billy Ireland Collection

September 12, 1920

Billy Ireland Collection

September 19, 1920

Billy Ireland Collection

October 9, 1921

The Ku Klux Klan experienced a revival in the Midwest following World War I. James Thurber later commented, [Ireland’s] “ridicule of the Ku Klux Klan, in the early twenties, was a significant force in the disintegration of the Klan’s local Klavern.”

October 30, 1932

Ireland worked to keep quail on the songbird list, so that they could not be hunted.