Light Exhibition Checklist

[Logotype for Light] by P.C. Darrow and F.M Howarth

[Collection of wordplay art with the Light title]

White Houses of Sandby P.C. Darrow
August 17, 1898

"Fooled Again!" Civil Service Reform with a String to It by P.C. Darrow
March 29, 1890

Cut Out: The World's Fair Prefers the Cow Boy to his Jealous Rivals
by P.C Darrow
March 08, 1890

Belerophon [sic] in Dry Dock by P.C. Darrow

[Light's Easter issue cover] by W.W. Denslow
April 05, 1890

A Lecture on the Moon by Peter Newell
September 13, 1890

[Man with pipe] by Eugene Zimmerman

Astonished Lodger: —Surely my face is not what it is cracked up to be
By Hy Mayer
August 08, 1890

Our National County Fair by C.S. Rigby
October 18, 1890

[Poetry and decorative lettering] by Will H. Bradley

[Smithers/Grimsby] by Fernand Lungren
March 01, 1890

A Hard Road to Travel by Fernand Lungren
April 12, 1890

Too Much Red Tape by Horace Taylor

The Theatre by Horace Taylor
February 22, 1890

A Game of Draw by Horace Taylor
March 01, 1980

Diogenes and Alexander the Great by Horace Taylor
May 31, 1890

The Absent-Minded Paper Hanger and His Terrible Fate by Jack Bennett October 18, 1890

[Calendar illustrations] by Jack Bennett

The Athletic Tug of War or The Pull between the League and the Brotherhood by T.E Powers
May 24, 1980

[May 24, 1890 Cover Cartoon] by T.E. Powers
May 24, 1890

An Illustrated Interview by T.E. Powers
June 14, 1890

[Collective works from Darrow's Chicago printing business] by P.C. Darrow

[Light's Color Lithography Printing Schedule]