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2004 Festival of Cartoon Art: Deletions, Omissions and Erasures
October 15-16, 2004
The Ohio State University Cartoon Research Library

Questions related to censorship, self-censorship and editorial control were discussed by distinguished cartoonists and editors at The Ohio State University Cartoon Research Library’s eighth triennial Festival of Cartoon Art. Two exhibitions were planned. Gillray’s Legacy, scheduled for September 15 – December 10, 2004 in the Sills Gallery, Thompson (Main) Library, examined the heritage of Georgian England’s greatest caricaturist. Drawing Fire: Controversial Comics by Milton Caniff will feature comic strips that caused an uproar when they were published as well as clippings and letters documenting the responses of editors and fans. It was shown at the Cartoon Research Library’s reading room gallery from October 1, 2004 – January 14, 2005.

The conference was held at the Blackwell, a hotel and conference center on The Ohio State University campus.

The 2004 Festival of Cartoon Art

Friday, October 15, 2004

Nicole Hollander, Sorry, Terribly Sorry, I'll Never Say That Again

Tom Batiuk, It's All Fun and Games Until Someone Loses an i

Al Feldstein, The Rise and Fall of EC Comics: Destoryed by Censorship

Michelle Urry, Cartoon Editor, Lose the Erection

Charles Brownstein, Down by Law: The Adversarial Relationship between Comic Art and
the Law

Mike Ramirez, Editorial Cartooning and Citizen Politics in a New World Order

Dr. Cindy McCreery, A Genius on the Edge: James Gillray

Gillray's Legacy exhibition


Saturday, October 16, 2004
Jay Lynch, Killing the Code

Bob Levin, What's So Fair about Fair Use? Beyond "The Pirates and the Mouse"

Tom Tomorrow, Life in This Modern World

Lalo Alcaraz, Alien vs. Editor: How the Cartoons of Lalo Alcaraz Will Destroy America


Ann Telnaes, Red, White and Blue Scare

Joel Pett, Draw at Your Own Risk: The cartoonist Righs Network

Art Spiegelman, In the Shadow of No Towers