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Jessica Abel

Jessica created the comic book series Artbabe from 1992-1999.  Stories from Artbabe can be found in two compilations, Soundtrack and Mirror, Window.  She is also the author of the 2006 graphic novel, La Perdida.

Nick Anderson

Nick is the editorial cartoonist for the Houston Chronicle.  He won the 2005 Pulitzer Prize for editorial cartooning while he was at the Louisville Courier Journal.

Alison Bechdel

Her graphic memoir, Fun Home, was number one on Time Magazine’s list of the10 Best Books of 2006.   She is also the creator of the comic strip Dykes to Watch Out For, which was launched in 1983. 

Ray Billingsley

Ray is the creator of the comic strip Curtis, which was launched by King Features in 1988 and appears in more than 250 newspapers.

Gary Groth

Gary is co-founder of Fantagraphics Books and the editor-in-chief of the Comics Journal.

R.C. Harvey

Cartoonist and author R. C. Harvey’s most recent book is Meanwhile:  A Biography of Milton Caniff.   He is also the author of The Art of the Funnies, The Art of the Comic Book, and Accidental Ambassador Gordo: The Comic Strip Art of Gus Arriola.

Mike Peters

Mike is the creator of Mother Goose and Grimm.  He is also the editorial cartoonist for the Dayton Daily News who won the Pulitzer Prize in editorial cartooning in 1981.

Paul Pope

His career spans alternative comics, manga, superhero comics, and graphic design.  Pope is the creator of the comic book series, THB, begun in 1995.  He worked for Japan’s leading manga publisher, Kodansha, for 5 years, and has published several graphic novels including The One Trick Rip-off and Heavy Liquid.  

Peter Poplaski

Peter Poplaski’s most recent books are The Sketchbook Adventures of Peter Poplaski and the R. Crumb Handbook, which he co-authored.  He edited Steve Canyon Magazine in the 1980s.

Ted Rall

Ted Rall’s editorial cartoons are syndicated by Universal Press to more than 140 publications.  His most recent book, Silk Road to Ruin: Is Central Asia the New Middle East?, is a combination of travelogue, political analysis and five graphic novellas.  He is also the author of To Afghanistan and Back: A Graphic Travelogue.

Arnold Roth

An award winning cartoonist, his cartoons have appeared in numerous publications such as the New Yorker, TIME, Sports Illustrated, Playboy, Punch, the New York Times, and many more.

P. Craig Russell

P. Craig Russell is a prolific comic book creator known for his graphic adaptations of operas, including Wagner’s The Ring of Nibelung.  He has also collaborated with writer Neil Gaiman on several Sandman stories, the short story Murder Mysteries and a forthcoming graphic adaptation of the children’s book, Coraline.

David Saylor

The Vice President and Creative Director for Scholastic Books. In addition to designing the U.S. editions of the Harry Potter series, he is the creative director for Scholastic’s graphic novel imprint, Graphix.

Diana Schutz

Diana Schutz is Senior Editor at Dark Horse Comics and an instructor of comics history and criticism at Portland Community College.

Frank Stack

Frank Stack is the creator of what many consider to be the first underground comic book, The Adventures of Jesus, published in 1962.  He also collaborated with Harvey Pekar on stories for American Splendor and provided the art for Our Cancer Year, which was co-authored by Pekar and Joyce Brabner.   Stack is Professor of Art at the University of Missouri.

Brian Walker

Brian Walker has authored several books on comics history and has curated numerous cartoon exhibitions, including co-curating Masters of American Comics, which was organized jointly by the Hammer Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art.  He also writes the comic strip Hi and Lois.

Mort Walker

Mort Walker is the creator of the phenomenally-successful Beetle Bailey, which has been syndicated by King Features since 1950.  He is also the co-creator of Hi and Lois, and several other newspaper comic strips.  Walker founded the National Cartoon Museum (formerly the International Museum of Cartoon Art) in 1974.