Ireland of the Dispatch

During the first three decades of the twentieth century, cartoonist Billy Ireland enjoyed a national readership from his home base at the Columbus Dispatch.  He was known both for his editorial cartoons and for "The Passing Show," an illustrated full-page color Sunday commentary on current events.  Ireland supported environmental concerns before being "green" was in vogue and he was influential in the development of what is now Civic Center Drive in Columbus.  Another major contribution was his generous mentoring of young cartoonists such as Milton Caniff.  This exhibit documents Ireland's career through original cartoon art, photographs, correspondence and related materials.

In 2009 the Elizabeth Ireland Graves Foundation gave $7 million to The Ohio State University in honor of Billy Ireland.  In recognition of this generous gift, the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum was established, expanding the mission of the facility that was created when Milton Caniff donated his papers to create a research library devoted to cartoon art.  With this exhibition we celebrate the life and work of Billy Ireland, one of the nation's most creative and productive cartoonists.

This exhibit runs September 7, 2010- January 2, 2011 and is free and open to the public. Thompson Library Gallery hours are Monday-Wednesday 10 am- 6 pm; Thursday 10 am-8 pm; Friday 10 am-6 pm; Saturday + Sunday noon-5 pm. Public parking for Thompson Library is available in the Neil Avenue Garage or the Ohio Union Garage.

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Scenes of My Infint-hood: Celebrating the Birth of Krazy Kat

Exactly one hundred years ago, George Herriman drew a little mouse “beaning”

a black cat at the bottom of his comic strip, The Dingbat Family.   This simple little comic-within-a-comic marks the birth of Krazy Kat, considered one of the greatest newspaper comic strips ever created. In honor of Krazy’s centennial, The Ohio State University Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum will feature the exhibition Scenes of My Infint-hood: Celebrating the Birth of Krazy Kat from September 7- December 31, 2010 in its Reading Room Gallery.

The exhibition will explore the world of newspaper comics at the time of Krazy’s birth and “infint-hood,” including examples of the Herriman’s early cartoons and those of his friends and colleagues. It will also document the evolution of Krazy, from a fixture at the bottom of The Dingbat Family to a vertical daily comic strip to a full-page Sunday masterpiece. Examples of Herriman’s original art will be featured, along with historical newspaper pages and clippings from the San Francisco Academy of Comic Art Collection that show Herriman’s work. Viewers will be able to see the comics in their original format and context, as they were actually consumed by their contemporary audience.


The Bible Illuminated: R. Crumb's Book of Genesis

The Columbus Museum of Art will present The Bible Illuminated, an exhibition based on seminal comic artist R. Crumb's adaptation of the Book of Genesis. Crumb spent the last five years on this ambitious endeavor which is currently listed on The New York Times best seller list. The exhibition features some 200 individual, black and white drawings illustrating the text of the biblical stories which is reproduced word for word. Each drawing contains six to eight comic panels illustrating the stories of Adam and Eve, Noah's Ark, Sodom and Gomorrah, and more. Using his signature style, Crumb's version of the Book of Genesis adds a new twist to an old story.