Two exhibits will be available for viewing during the 2013 Grand Opening Festival:


Treasures from the Collections of the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum


The Treasures Gallery features a permanent exhibit of art and artifacts that celebrates the breadth and diversity of the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum. Original artwork for Dick Tracy, Peanuts, Calvin and Hobbes, Bone and other favorites is shown as well as editorial cartoons, magazine cartoons, comic books, animation and a variety of published materials. Visitors are invited to open drawers to discover a sketchbook by British artist James Gillray or a Little Orphan Annie decoder badge from the 1930s. The Treasures Gallery has something for everyone to enjoy.


For preservation reasons materials in the Gallery will be changed. Occasionally items are lent to other institutions for exhibition. If you wish to be sure that a particulat item is on display, please check in advance.

Substance and Shadow: The Art of the Cartoon


A cartoon is a unique combination of words and pictures that can tell a story, state an opinion or make people laugh. "Substance and Shadow" John Leech's famous Cartoon No. 1 published in Punch magazine on July 15, 1843, is widely considered to be the first modern use of the term. Cartoonists have mastered an almost limitless vocabulary of graphic expression to entertain and enlighten their audiences but the creative process is still a mystery to most readers. This exhibition will showcase original art from the collection of the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum which dramatically reveals the various elements, methods, tools and techniques that cartoonists utilize, including caricature, character design, sequential panels, speech balloons, page layout, animation and storytelling.