Inventories for Selected Collections

Search the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum archival and manuscript collections:

24 Hour Comics Day Archive

Brad Anderson Collection

Association of American Editorial Cartoonists (AAEC) Records

Derf Backderf Papers and Collection of Original Art

Althea Bardeen Collection of Scrapbooks of Political Cartoons of President Barack Obama 

Tom Batiuk Collection

Harold Bell Comic Strip Proof Collection

Erwin and Alfred Bergdoll Collection of Underground Comics and Original Art

Jack Berrill Collection

Bud Blake Collection

Harry A. Bressler Collection

Charles Brooks Collection

Scott Brown Papers

Ford Button Papers

Brian Campbell Collection

John Canemaker Collection

Milton Caniff Collection

Elliot Caplin Papers

Mel Casson Papers and Collection of Original Art

Oliver “Revilo” Christianson Collection of Merchandise 

Civil War Patriotic Envelopes Collection

Mark J. Cohen and Rose Marie McDaniel Collection

Collection of Small Manuscripts

Paul & Kay Conrad Revocable Trust Collection

Stuart A. Copans Papers

Thomas Crane Papers and Collection of Original Art

Arthur Dale Small Papers

Chon Day Papers and Collection of Original Art

Dan DeCarlo Collection

Eldon Dedini Papers

Jim Dougan Collection of Leonard Starr Sketchbooks

Edwina Dumm Collection

B.N. Duncan Collection and Papers

Lee Ebner Papers

Will Eisner Collection

Jan Eliot Collection and Papers

A. Lovell Elliott Collection of Autographs from Cartoonists 

Hal Empie Collection

Donald Erlenkotter Collection on Gladys Parker 

Patti Fertel Collection

Jack and Sue Flynn Papers

David Folkman Collection

Craig Fox Scrapbooks and Photographs Collection

John J. Gallagher Papers

Michael Gallagher Papers and Collection of Original Art

Tom Gammill Collection of Cartoon Art and Realia

Sylvia Getsler Collection

Michael T. Gilbert Papers and Collection of Original Art

Stan Goldberg Collection

Bud Grace Collection and Papers

Bert Green Collection 

Stuart Hample Collection

Larry Harris Collection 

Oliver Herford Collection

Harry Hershfield Collection

Draper and Sarah Hill Collection and Papers

William B. Hogan Collection

Nicole Hollander Papers

Jennifer L. Holm and Matthew Holm Papers

Karl Hubenthal Collection

Hugh Hutton Papers and Collection of Original Art

International Museum of Cartoon Art Records and Collection of Realia

Larry Ivie Papers

Al Jaffee Sampling of Correspondence

Japanese Wartime Postcards Collection

Lynn Johnston Collection

Jeff Keate Papers and Collection of Original Art

Walt Kelly Collection

Jay Kennedy Collection of Underground Comix and Comic Publications

King Features Syndicate Proof Collection

George Kocar Collection of Original Art

Jeff Krell Collection

Jim Larrick Collection

Michael Lerner Collection on MAD Magazine Research

George Lichty Papers

Bill Loughman Collection of McDougall and Gribayedoff Cartoon Tearsheets

Jay Lynch Collection and Papers

Fred Machetanz Collection

Gus Mager Papers and Collection of Original Cartoon Art

John Magoun Collection of Comic Strip Clippings

Terry W. Malone Collection of Classic Illustrated Scripts

Norman Marsh Collection of Dan Dunn Secret Operative 48, Hunter Keene, and Danny Hale Tearsheets and Proofs

Jeff Marx Collection on Harry Hershfield and Bert Levy

Leland S. McClelland Collection

Patrick McDonnell and Karen O’Connell Collection on Research Material for Krazy Kat: The Comic Art of George Herriman

Walt McDougall Scrapbook

McGowan Miller Collection

Jack McLeod Papers

Stephanie McMillan Papers and Collection of Original Art

Toni Mendez Collection

Ted “Mike” Mikos Papers and Collection of Original Art 

Sam Milai Collection

Wiley Miller Papers

June “Tarpé” Mills Collection

Franklyn B. Modell Collection of Cartoon Art

Ken Muse Papers and Collection of Original Art

National Cartoonists Society Records

Julie L. Negron Papers

Newspaper Feature Council Records

Rose O’Neill Collection

Ray Osrin Collection 

Rick Parker Papers

Mike Peters Collection

Milt Priggee Collection 

Pogo Collection

Hal Rammel Papers and Collection of Original Art

Will Rannells Collection

Mike Ritter Collection

Trina Robbins Collection

Charles Rodrigues Collection and Papers

Arn Saba/Katherine Collins Papers

San Francisco Academy of Comic Art Collection [OhioLINK]

Seckatary Hawkins Club Collection of Clippings and Proofs

Noel Sickles Collection

Steve Spencer Papers and Collection of Original Art

Art Spiegelman and Françoise Mouly Collection

Scott Stantis Papers and Collection of Original Art

Leonard Starr Papers

Joe Szabo Papers and Collection of Original Comic Art

Richard C. Thompson Collection of Reference Clippings and Realia

A.B. Walker Papers

Timothy R. Wallace Papers

John Whitaker Collection

Jon Whitcomb Collection

Scott Willis Collection of Original Art

Woody Wilson Papers 

Mary Sherwood Wright Jones Papers 

Richard Samuel West Collection

Mark D. Winchester Papers

Jack Ziegler Papers and Collection of Original Art