The Lindsay scrapbook (the name D. Lindsay is written on the front flyleaf) contains fifty-two full color chromolithographs-- caricatures of London celebrities, politicians, and royalty-- that were all executed by the well-known French artist “Faustin” (Faustin Betbeder) and appeared in the London Figaro

Faustin was born in Soissons, France in 1847 and died about 1914. Working in Paris, Faustin executed many scathing caricatures of the Franco-Prussian War as well as conveying the atmosphere in Paris during this period, both politically and socially. He later moved to England, where he set up a printing business and contributed illustrations to the London Figaro.

Most of these caricatures measure 6 inches x 2 ¾ inches.  They were printed separately from the magazine and tipped into the issue, and then clipped out and pasted into this scrapbook.  The earliest caricature is dated October 22, 1873, and the last one, December 23, 1874.  Mixed in are other series that ran in Figaro, including Figaro Photographs of the Day.  Included at the end are some 19th century family photos, invitations, cards, and engravings.


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