The anti-administration Whigs were quick to identify the embezzlement scandal with Van Buren’s “Sub-Treasury” or independent treasury program.
"It is time, & by the Eternal, I’ll settle my accounts with this Government, and follow my friend Sam!!"
Andrew Jackson had appointed Samuel Swartwout to be Collector of the port of New York, against the advice of Martin Van Buren, who was Jackson’s Secretary of State at the time.  Van Buren turned out to be right about Swartwout.  In 1838 he fled to Europe after embezzling over a million dollars from the government.
"The Republican party have seen darker days than this! Tammany Hall, Nov: 1838."
William Price, the federal district attorney of New York soon followed Swartwout to Europe after also embezzling funds.  A federal investigation beginning in November 1838 revealed the theft and created political problems for Van Buren.
Drawn On Stone [Political Prints from the 1830's and 1840's]
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Artist Unknown
Price Current
Publisher: H. R. Robinson

This cartoon commented on an embezzlement scandal uncovered in 1838.

Sub-Treasurers Meeting in England