Scenes of My Infint-hood: Celebrating the Birth of Krazy Kat


September 7, 2010 - December 31, 2010


Reading Room Gallery
27 W. 17th Avenue Mall
Columbus Ohio

Exactly one hundred years ago, George Herriman drew a little mouse “beaning” a black cat at the bottom of his comic strip, The Dingbat Family.  This simple little comic-within-a-comic marks the birth of Krazy Kat, considered one of the greatest newspaper comic strips ever created. In honor of Krazy’s centennial, The Ohio State University Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum will feature the exhibition Scenes of My Infint-hood: Celebrating the Birth of Krazy Kat.

The exhibition will explore the world of newspaper comics at the time of Krazy’s birth and “infint-hood,” including examples of the Herriman’s early cartoons and those of his friends and colleagues. It will also document the evolution of Krazy, from a fixture at the bottom of The Dingbat Family to a vertical daily comic strip to a full-page Sunday masterpiece. Examples of Herriman’s original art will be featured, along with historical newspaper pages and clippings from the San Francisco Academy of Comic Art Collection that show Herriman’s work. Viewers will be able to see the comics in their original format and context, as they were actually consumed by their contemporary audience.