Good Grief! Children and Comics: A Collection of Companion Essays

Good Grief! Children and Comics: A Collection of Companion Essays

With original essays examining everything from Little Nemo to Calvin and Hobbes, from Batman to the Lumberjanes, from Bone to Maus, this collection of companion essays is your online introduction to the larger questions and contexts of the groundbreaking exhibit, Good Grief! Children and Comics, at the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum (part of the Ohio State University Libraries).

Citation:  Abate, Michelle Ann, and Joe Sutliff Sanders, eds. Good Grief! Children and Comics. Columbus, OH: Ohio state University Libraries, 2016. PDF. DOI: 10.18061/1811/77539

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Iconoclast in Ink: The Political Cartoons of Jay N. “Ding” Darling


Iconoclast in Ink:  The Political Cartoons of Jay N. “Ding” Darling is a profusely illustrated volume of 194 pages with 102 black+white plates of Ding’s editorial cartoons ranging from March 30, 1907 to December 5, 1948.
Author: Richard Samuel West
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Billy Ireland


Billy Ireland features Ireland’s editorial cartoons and numerous color pages of “The Passing Show”a weekly cartoon feature that he created for the Columbus Sunday Dispatch.
Author: Lucy Shelton Caswell
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A Gallery of Rogues: Cartoonists’ Self-Caricature


Author: Text by R.C. Harvey, 1998
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Inks: Cartoon and Comic Art Studies


Complete set of 12 issues.
Author: The Ohio State University Press
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