Man Saves Comics Exhibition Checklist

The following is the full exhibition checklist from the exhibition Man Saves Comics!: Bill Blackbeard’s Treasure of 20th Century Newspapers, an exhibition curated by Caitlin McGurk & Ann Lennon at the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum, on display November 12, 2022 through May 7, 2023.


Wall 1      
[black and white photo of Blackbeard holding newspaper page] c. 1970
[column of newspaper pages, interior of Blackbeard’s house] Photo taken by R.C. Harvey 1996
[Photograph of Blackbeard reading comics in bed]  

c. 1930-40

[photograph of Blackbeard in military uniform] c. 1940-50
[Blackbeard in blue shirt holding comic book]  

c. 1990

[Black and white photo of Blackbeard holding bound volume] c. 1970
[column of bound volumes, interior photo of Blackbeard’s house] Photo taken by R.C. Harvey 1996
[exterior photo of Bill Blackbeard’s home] Photo taken by R.C. Harvey 1996
San Francisco Academy of Comic Art Envelope c. 1980
[desk/workspace at SFACA] c. 1970
[polaroid of Blackbeard at desk] c. 1970

[column of boxes, interior of Bill Blackbeard’s house]

Photo taken by R.C. Harvey 1996
[Blackbeard in green shirt holding newspaper comic] c. 1990
[Map of SFACA newspaper holdings]
Case: Moving the Collection
[Blackbeard smiling against bound volumes] c. 1990
[bound volumes in the Billy Ireland] 1998
[columns of boxes] 1998
[piles of clippings] 2000
[worker holding clippings] 2000
[digitizing newspaper page] 2001
[open box of clippings] 2001
[entering clipping info in database] 2001
[entering newspaper page in database] 2022
[closeup of pile of newspaper pages] 2022
[sorted and wrapped clippings] 2022
[shelves of acid-free boxes] 2022
[researchers in reading room] c. 2016
[students in reading room] c. 2022
Bill Blackbeard: The Collector who Rescued the Comics Alec Longstreth & Jenny E. Robb 2019
Wall 1 right
McFadden’s Row of Flats Richard F.Outcault New York Journal November 8, 1896
Tribune outgrows facilities in first year Los Angeles Tribune July 7, 1912
Things That Never Happen Gene Byrnes c. 1920
Do You Know Why — The Colleges Are Grinding Out So Many of These? Thornton Fisher 1913
Mary Worth metal printing plate Ken Ernst 1975

Pogo color separation flong

Walt Kelly April 14, 1974

Pogo color separation flong

Walt Kelly April 14, 1974


Walt Kelly April 14, 1974
Case: Dime Novels, Story Papers, and Penny Dreadfuls / Pulp Fiction Magazines

Deadwood Dick on Deck; Or, Calamity Jane,

The Heroine of Whoop-Up Vol. V., No. 57

Beadles Pocket Library February 11, 1883
Nos. 17 & 18 Spring-Heeled Jack, the Terror of London
Little Oskaloo, or, The White Whirlwind. Series 1 no. 17 Nickel Library 1887
The Get-There Sharp, Vol. LI no. 661 Beadle’s New York Dime Library 1891


In The Darkness of Night, No. 683. Vol. XXII

The Princess Novelettes March 20, 1899

Jack in the Jungle: A Tale of Land and Sea

Frank Leslie’s Boys’ and Girls’ Weekly September 16, 1876

Diamond Dick Jr.’s Lightning Deal. No. 187

Diamond Dick Library May 30, 1896
An American Sherlock Holmes, Vol. XXX no. 759 Golden Hours 1902
Murder Concession, Vol. 42 no. 2 Clues Detective Stories July 1939
Cat’s Eye; Peril Among the Drivers, vol. 8 no. 11 Amazing Stories March 1934
Silver-Revolver Marriage, vol. 3 no. 6 Romantic Range April 1937
Maza of the Moon, vol. 208 no. 6 Argosy December 21, 1929
Letters of Death, vol. 2 no. 1 Nick Carter Magazine September 1933
Death Token, vol. 21 no. 1 The Shadow Magazine March 1937
While Paris Slept, vol. 1 no. 2 Spy Stories February 1929
The Lamia in the Penthouse, vol. 44 no. 4 Weird Tales May 1952
The Hoot Owl Trail, vol. 25 no. 3 Cowboy Stories March 1934
Wall 2
Wee Harry Bauer named prettiest Chicago newsboy Chicago American November 12, 1904
M’Kinley is shot Front page Night edition Chicago American September 6, 1901

M’Kinley may recover!

Front page Xtra No.3 edition Chicago American September 6, 1901

McKinley will live!

Front page Xtra No.4 edition Chicago American September 6, 1901

President M’Kinley is dead!

Front page Chicago American September 14, 1901

How men poison each other

Winsor McCay New York Evening Journal April 4, 1913

The human head – what is it?

Winsor McCay Los Angeles Examiner August 3, 1919

How I sketched Evelyn Thaw

Nell Brinkley New York Evening Journal January 14, 1908

My wonderful trip to the clouds

Nell Brinkley New York Evening Journal May 21, 1914

[group picture of cartoonists at the ring]

July 4, 1910

Fighters go to the ring (Tad prediction)

Tad Dorgan Front page New York Evening Journal (Night Special Edition) July 4, 1910

Champion Johnson tells Kate Carew

Kate Carew New York American April 1, 1910

Tad shows blows with which Johnson expects to beat Jefferies

Tad Dorgan New York Evening Journal July 4, 1910

Fifty dollars a throw they all look like mutts

Bud Fisher New York American July 4, 1910

Champion Jack Johnson before, during and after the battle

Tad Dorgan New York Evening Journal July 5, 1910

The last page of the Johnson-Jefferies story

Rube Goldberg San Francisco Call July 6, 1910

The family upstairs (Krazy Kat strip footer)

George Herriman Chicago American November 17, 1911

The Dingbat family (Krazy Kat strip footer)

George Herriman Chicago American February 8, 1913

Krazy Kat Ladies an’ gent’mins

George Herriman SFACA Clipping, no newspaper information December 19, 1943

Krazy Kat Goes A-Wooing

Hearst-Vitagraph News Pictorial animation advert Chicago American February 21, 1916
Wall 3 Left

Autumn Winds

J. Rogers San Francisco Call October 24, 1909
Pan awakes Herbert Stoops San Francisco Call March 26, 1911

At the theaters

Nell Brinkley Chicago Examiner January 24, 1909

How civilization has made women unhappy

H.B. Eddy San Francisco Call February 29, 1909

“I can handle both” says the lady

Charles W. Rohrhand San Francisco Call July 4, 1909

Dolly dip “A touch of tango makes the whole world spin”

Herman Hirschauer Chicago Sunday Herald January 7, 1915

Who’s the biggest grouch? Speak up!

Packer San Francisco Call April 21, 1912

Bugs! Boiled, broiled and fried for the epicure

Thomson San Francisco Call March 10, 1907

Are married people happy

William Rogers San Francisco Call July 24, 1910

Are American men ashamed to be graceful?

Ben Kutcher Chicago Sunday Herald November 5, 1916
Case: The More Things Change, the More they Stay the Same
Tell it to Elsie Elsie Robinson San Francisco Call and Post undated Saturday 1926 Undated Saturday 1926

Making Chicago ‘fluless

Ray Schuman Chicago Examiner October 6, 1918

How science explains the gradual sinking of New York

Louis Biederman San Francisco Call and Post Undated Saturday 1928

The gentle art of armless cartooning

Alexander Hardie Chicago Record Herald May 8, 1910

Are you a loneite?

Borough San Francisco Call June 28, 1908

Physical culture in nature’s gym

San Francisco Call September 20, 1903
Wall 3 Right


Hungry Hooligan the very up-to-datest game

Chicago American Cut-out supplement Undated c. March-June 1902

Snip-Snap! The very latest up-to-dateist game

San Francisco Examiner July 20, 1902


The magic rainbowgraph!

Chicago American Children’s Wonderland supplement June 8, 1902

Be a bear! (Bear mask)

Chicago American Cut-out supplement July 10, 1904

The funniest game ever “Are my ears on straight?”

Chicago American Cut-out supplement March 30, 1902

The giant’s quick lunch (The book of magic)

Edwin G. Lutz Seattle Post Intelligencer February 19, 1922

The magic movie wheel (The book of magic)

Edwin G. Lutz Seattle Post Intelligencer February 12, 1922

The magic fence

Boston American May 14, 1905
Wall 4

The Gumps

Sidney Smith Chciago Sunday Tribune February 7, 1925


The Turr’ble Tales of Kaptin Kiddo

Grace G. Wiederseim (Drayton) and Margaret G. Hays Sunday News Bute Montana c. 1909-1911
Rosalie Goes Rural John Held Jr. The San Francisco Call July 13, 1929

Little Nemo in Slumberland

Winsor McCay Los Angeles Sunday Times December 5, 1909
The American Sky-Scraper is a Modern Tower of Babel Dan McCarthy The World February 20, 1898

Crazy Quilt

Gene Ahearn Chicago Sunday Tribune May 17, 1914

Old Opie Dilldock’s Stories

F.M. Howarth Chicago Sunday Tribune September 6, 1908


The Kewpies and Brother Dan

Rose O’Neil San Francisco Sunday Chronicle June 23, 1918

Polly and Her Pals

Cliff Sterrett Los Angeles Evening Herald March 26, 1927

The Chubbies and IF

De Voss Woodward Driscoll St Louis Globe-Democrat January 29, 1905

Naughty Pete

Charles Forbell The Sunday Record-Herald August 17, 1913

Der Kidders Under Der Colonel

De Voss Woodward Driscoll St Louis Globe-Democrat October 2, 1904

Foiled! ?’s Death! An Up-To-Date Story

Hy Mayer New York Herald June 29, 1902


Clifford McBride Oakland Tribune April 15, 1934
The Claim-Everything Mania — Most People Have It A.N. Boyd The World May 1, 1898
The Explorigator Harry Grant Dart The World July 5, 1908

Mr. Twee Deedle

Johnny Gruelle New York Herald June 18, 1911

Wee Willie Winkie’s World

Lyonel Feininger The Chicago Sunday Tribune September 16, 1906

The Day Dream of Danny Dawes

James Swinnerton San Francisco Call June 28, 1924
Alley Oop V.T. Hamlin November 10, 1935
Adventures of Toby Maltese Louis Wain Indianapolis 1914

Thimble Theater

Elzie Segar America’s Greatest October 11, 1936

The Adventures of Prudence Prim

Nell Brinkley San Francisco Examiner January 31, 1926

Buck Rogers

Dick Calkins Los Angeles Times January 12, 1936


Madge The Magician’s Daughter

W.O. Wilson The San Francisco Call July 7, 1907

Gasoline Alley


Frank King


Chicago Tribune

November 4, 1928
The Rising Generation Walter McDougall The World December 22, 1895
Case: Curiosities and Discoveries


Lucy and Sophie Say Goodbye; It was Lots of Fun — For the Goats Unknown; George Frink The Chicago Tribune July 9, 1905

Deep Sea Banquet in Animal Land; Hugo Hercules To The Rescue Once More

Walter Bradford; Wilhelm Heinrich Detlev Körner The Chicago Tribune September 21, 1902


Joseph Jacinto Mora  

The Saint Louis Daily Globe Democrat

August 11, 1907

Little Denny Mud: He Owns a Camera; The Bird Boys and Their Airship, The Flying Fish

C.A. Beaty; Unknown The Chicago Tribune March 6, 1910


The Brownies in the Phillipines; Small Potatoes

Palmer Cox; Mary G. Jones The New York Herald August 2, 1903

The Wigglemuch; Johnny Quack and the Van Cluck Twins

Herbert Crowley; Charles H. Twelvetrees The New York Herald April 3, 1910
Case: Books
Bound Volume Chicago Tribune 1914
The Goat Getters Eddie Campbell 2018
How the Other Half Laughs Jean Lee Cole 2020
The Smithsonian Collection of Newspaper Comics Ed. Bill Blackbeard and Martin Williams 1977
Library of American Comics Essentials: The Gumps Sidney Smith 2014
Sherlock Holmes in America Bill Blackbeard 1981