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Roy Doty: Inspired Lines

An Exhibition at The Ohio State University Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum
September 19-December 30, 2011

The only artwork Roy Doty really cares about is the work that is currently on his drawing board.  This is not to say that he does not enjoy looking at finished work.  He takes great pride in what he has done.  The fact is, however, that the act of creating now, in the present, brings him such pleasure and satisfaction that he cannot imagine doing anything else.

Doty’s work cannot be pigeonholed.  The cartoonist’s society did not think he was a cartoonist and the illustrators did not think he was an illustrator.  In fact, he is both—and much more.  Since 1946 he has been a successful free lance artist who never had an agent.  He had his own television show, drew a comic strip for three years and won awards for his greeting card art.  His advertising clients have included Ford, Macy’s, Perrier and Texas Instruments.  At age 89 he has recently completed a book contract that requires more than 130 full-page, four-color illustrations.  He draws a home improvement feature for a monthly magazine and a quarterly cartoon for a British children’s magazine.  What has kept his art fresh is his clean line and flawless sense of design.  Although much of Doty’s work was published in black and white, when he has the opportunity to use color, he excels.

Columbus resident Roy Doty is a graduate of the Columbus College of Art and Design.
Most of the works included in Roy Doty:  Inspired Lines  are from his personal collection and have not been exhibited previously.

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