Research & Reproduction

 Research Services & Fees

Please note that due to ongoing staffing shortages, orders for high-resolution scans will be limited to ten, orders for photocopies and low-resolution scans may be delayed due to limited staffing.

Contact us for research and reproduction services by emailing or calling 614-292-0538. 

Fifteen minutes of research service will be provided without charge to off-site patrons. Persons and businesses who need additional research service will be billed at the following rates:

*Personal/Non-Profit: $25 per hour

*Corporate/Profit: $100 per hour

  • Only in exceptional circumstances will more than one hour of research be provided
  • Orders of 50 or more photocopies will be charged using the research fee rates
  • Email or call 614-292-6369 to request research services
  • All of the fees are subject to change without notice

 High-Resolution Digital Reproduction Services & Fees

  • Reproduction requests may be made by completing the Digital Reproduction Order Form and emailing it to
  • Scanning is performed using an Epson Expression 10000XL flatbed scanner or using the Better Light 8K – large format, Enhanced Resolution™ digital photography. Decisions are based on the size, condition or fragility of the material, or whether the items are bound in volumes
  • The library reserves the right to refuse to copy material if it is judged that it may cause harm to the original
  • Images are scanned from the original at 600 ppi resolution at 100% size, TIFF format, RGB color unless otherwise specified. Please note that very large files result when using the Betterlight technology (average 200-300 MB)
  • Images will be sent using a file transfer service or link and made available for download at no charge.
  • RUSH ORDERS may be considered for fewer than 10 images for an additional $50 charge

Fees for High-Resolution Digital Reproduction

Existing Scan: $10
New Scan, 12 x 17 in. (30.5 x 43 cm) or less: $20
New Scan, larger than 12 x 17 in. (30.5 x 43 cm): $40

  • Plus the cost of research fee if over 15 minutes
  • Plus the commercial service fee ($50/image) if applicable
  • Images will be sent via WeTransfer or uploaded to a server (provide host name, user name, and password) at no additional charge

 Other Reproduction Services & Fees (Low-Resolution Scans and Photocopies)

Reproduction fees are billed in addition to any research fees.  Photocopy requests may be made by completing the Photocopy Request Form and emailing it to  Please note that all photocopies will be stamped with a red “COPY” stamp.

Black & white photocopy:  $.25 per page
Color photocopy (8.5 x 11 in.): $1 per page
Color photocopy, 11 x 17 in.: $2 per page
DVD copied to DVD: $12

In addition to reproduction fees, these fees may apply:

  • Shipping/handling
  • Research fee, if time spent filling the research or photocopy request extends over 15 minutes
  • For reading room users, research fee will be applied if order exceeds 50 photocopies

 Payment Information

  • Full payment is required prior to image or document delivery
  • Major credit cards are accepted. Payment can be made online through our website
  • Checks are to be made payable to The Ohio State University
  • Payment must be made in US dollars

 Shipping & Handling Fees

  • All shipping and handling fees will be charged to the customer
  • $5 minimum charge is applied to any request
  • Shipping via US mail, International Air Mail, or UPS
  • FedEx can only be used if the customer supplies an account number
  • Standard shipping will be used unless the customer specifies Express delivery
  • Handling includes packaging costs
  • Delivery dates are not guaranteed

 Service Fees

  • Image requests intended for commercial use will be charged a one-time service fee of $50 per image in addition to the other costs of reproduction. Additional uses of the image may require a fee for each use
  • This fee is not a copyright fee, but a fee to reproduce the image, including public domain images, from our collections
  • Revenue from this fee helps to support the mission of the Cartoon Library & Museum


NOTE: The Ohio State University Libraries do not own the copyright to all of the materials in its collections. Copyright may belong to the creator, their estate, or assignee, although some materials may fall into the public domain. Users assume full responsibility for any use of the materials, including but not limited to, securing appropriate permissions for use and publication of reproduced materials, and fully crediting sources as required. Users agree to indemnify, save and hold harmless, The Ohio State University, their employees and designates from any and all costs, expense, damage, and liability arising from or in any way connected to any claim whatsoever which may be presented by anyone for loss or damage or other relief caused by The Ohio State University’s release of any items and their use in any manner, including inspection, publication, reproduction, broadcast, duplication or printing, by anyone, for any purpose whatsoever.


  • Images used for reproduction, publication, broadcast, exhibition, or on the web must include proper credit which will be provided for the materials you have selected

 Turnaround Time

  • Orders for fewer than 10 new scans may take up to 4 weeks depending on the reproduction orders already in progress
  • Turnaround time for existing scans of images is 5 business days after payment is received
  • RUSH ORDERS for fewer than 10 images may be considered for a $50 charge
  • Turnaround time for photocopies is 5 business days
  • Turnaround time for all other reproductions is available on request. We attempt to estimate delivery time as accurately as possible, however delivery time cannot be guaranteed

 Existing Scans

  • Existing scans are images that are part of the Cartoon Library & Museum’s existing Digital Collections, requiring no further individual scanning necessary to complete your order
  • These scans are high resolution at (600pp), TIFF format, RGB and are copied from the original digital image at 100% size
  • If you request a larger size or higher resolution, a new scan will be done and research and new scan fees will apply
  • The one-time service fee may be applicable