The Dog Show: Gallery of Cartoon Dogs

The Dog Show promotional art by Eric Reaves

Gallery of Cartoon Dogs

The Dog Show: Two Centuries of Canine Cartoons features more than one hundred cartoon dogs from the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum collections and on loan for the exhibition from private collections. Here’s a list of the dogs on display

(*note this is a work in progress—additional dogs are being added)

Classic Canine Characters

Ace Detective Comics No. 254, Sheldon Moldoff & Ira Schnapp

AstroThe Jetsons , Gold Key

Andy – Mark Trail , Ed Dodd

Augie DoggieAugie Doggie no. 1Harvey Eisenberg, Gold Key

Barfy & SamThe Family Circus, Bil Keane

Beagle Boys Walt Disney The Beagle Boys, Pete Alvarado (pencils) and Larry Mayer (inks) , Gold Key

Beauregard BugleboyPogo, Walt Kelly

Betty Boop – Betty Boop’s First Model Chart, Grim Natwick

BimboTalkartoons , Robert Little

Biscuit Stone Soup, Jan Eliot

Bitsy Marvin, Tom Armstrong

Bullet – Barney Google and Snuffy Smith, John Rose

Charlie & Itchy All Dogs Go to Heaven (on loan from private collection)

Cosmo the Space Dog Guardians of the Galaxy Annual no.1 

DaisyBlondie, Murat “Chic” Young

Dawg Hi and Lois, Mort Walker and Dik Browne

Deputy Dawg –  Deputy Dawg No. 1238, Fred Fredericks, Dell

DevilThe Phantom, Lee Falk and Sy Barry 

DogbertDilbert and Dogbert, Scott Adams

Dog ManDog Man, Dav Pilkey

Dollar Richie Rich No. 3,  Harvey Classics

Droopy Drag Along Droopy

EarlMutts, Patrick McDonnell

Fang – The Duplex

Farley & EdgarFor Better or For Worse, Lynn Johnston

Fifi – Bringing Up Father, George McManus

FlipRusty Riley, Frank Godwin

General LeeWee Pals, Morrie Turner

Goofy –  Walt Disney’s Goofy no.468,  Dick Moores

GrimmyMother Goose & Grimm,  Mike Peters

Hector the Bulldog Looney Tunes No. 40, Mike DeCarlo, DC

Hot Dog – Jughead’s Pal Hot Dog no.1, Nate Butler, Archie Comics

Howard HugeHoward Huge , Bunny Hoest

Huckleberry HoundHuckleberry Hound No. 990,  Harvey Eisenberg, Dell Publishing Co.

Judge Rummy Judge Rummy, Tad Dorgen

Krypto –  Adventure Comics no.310 , Curt Swan & George Klein DC

Lady and the Tramp Lady and the Tramp (on loan from private collection)

LassieLassie No. 10, Morris Gollub, Dell Comic

LockjawMs. Marvel no.8,  Jamie McKelvie & Matthew Wilson Marvel

MarmadukeMarmaduke, Brad Anderson

Mighty Manfred the Wonder DogTom Terrific no. 3, Gene Deitch (creator) Pines Comics

Mr. PeabodyMr. Peabody and Sherman no.1, Jorge Molongo IDW

Mugg Dick Tracy, Chester Gould 

MuttsySad Sack’s Muttsy the Talking Dog no.105, George Baker, Harvey Comics

NapoleonNapoleon and Uncle Elby no. 1, Stephen Douglas

OdieGarfield, Jim Davis

Officer Pupp Krazy Kat

OttoBeetle Bailey, Mort Walker

PatchesGamin and Patches, Mort Walker 

PlutoBone Trouble,  Norm Ferguson (on loan from private collection)

Pongo – One Hundred and One Dalmatians

Pup DogPogo,  Walt Kelly

RenThe Ren and Stimpy Show no.1, Marvel Comics

Rex the Wonder DogAdventures of Rex the Wonder Dog, Gil Kane

RivetsRivets, George Sixta

Rover –  Red and Rover, Brian Basset

RuffDennis the Menace, Hank Ketcham

Ruff & Reddy Ruff and Reddy no. 9, Mac Rey Dell

RuffertoSergio Aragonés Groo and Rufferto, Sergio Aragonés Dark Horse

Sandy Little Orphan Annie, Leonard Starr

Santa’s Little HelperSimpsons Comics #45,Bongo

ScampScamp by Bob Grant (pencils) and Manuel Gonzales (inks)

SchnappsyDingle Hoofer und His Dog, Herald H. Kerr 

Scooby Doo Hanna Barbera’s Scooby Doo no. 15, Joe Staton, DC

SinbadSinbad, Edwina Dumm

SnertHagar the Horrible, Dik Browne

SnoopyPeanuts,  Charles Schulz

Spare Ribs & Attaboy Toots and Casper, Jimmy Murphy

Spike and Tyke MGM’s Spike and Tyke no. 8, Dell

StripeTiger by Bud Blake

TigeBuster Brown, Richard Outcault

Trots – Trots and Bonnie, Shary Flenniken

Uncle Sam – Golden Eyes and Her Hero “Bill” Over There, Nell Brinkley

UnderdogUnderdog no. 2, Frank Johnson, Charlton Comics

ZeroLittle Annie Rooney, Darell McClure (writer) and Nicolas Afonsky (artist)

Zipper Zipper, Bill Holman

Miscellaneous Mutts

Our exhibit includes many additional dog characters that are not named. These unnamed mutts are featured in works from:

George BoothEverything has been getting on his nerves, Doctor…

Gary BrooksIgnoring him isn’t working…maybe we should just step on him!

Ernie Bushmiller – Nancy

E. Simms Campbell Cuties

Eldon Dedini – Dog at Restaurant Window

Kim DeitchDoggie Diners

Rick Detorie Artwork for 2 Recycled Paper Greetings, greeting cards

John DoyleJack in Office

 Bill Gallo – In Honor of the Dog Show

Eric GurneyDogs in the Ring at an Outside Dog Show

George Gately Heathcliff

Jeff MacNelly A truck-eatin’ dawg?… Well, I got worse news Griffin, I got this thing floored!

James Merritt IvesThe Old Bulldog on the Right Track

Mike Luckovich Sending Bush a Message

Frederick Burr OpperWouldn’t it Make you Mad?

Hilary PriceRhymes with Orange

Arnold Roth – Obedience demonstration

Bill SandersTomorrow! Tomorrow! I hope there’ll be tomorrow!!

Bill Schorr –  Man of the Decade

Jeff Stahler – Moderately Confused

H.T WebsterLife’s darkest moment – The hypochondriac buys a dog

Dick Wright – The U.N. Watchdog

Jack Zeigler – O.K., O.K., here’s ‘Lassie, Come Home’ again! Now are you happy?

 Eugene Zimmerman – Ending of the Dog Days

More Dogs

Our collections include many additional dog characters that are not represented in The Dog Show including:

Norbert –  Norbert, George Fett

  • Top Image Credit: Art by Eric Reaves. Snoopy © PNTS; Biscuit © Jan Eliot; Grimmy © Grimmy, Inc.; Marmaduke © UFS; Farley © Lynn Johnston Productions, Inc.; Otto © Comicana, Inc.; Earl © Patrick McDonnell; Odie © Paws Inc.; Snert © King Features Syndicate, Inc.; Dawg © Comicana, Inc.; Sandy © Tribune Media Services, Inc.; and Ruff © North America Syndicate, Inc. Used by permission.