Restoration Information

The scrapbook, prior to receiving full conservation treatment, was photographed at The Ohio State University in 2001 in order to document arrangement and condition. It received full conservation treatment and a custom-made protective enclosure in 2001 at the Etherington Conservation Center, Greensboro, North Carolina. In order to document the arrangement and condition of the original prior to treatment, the scrapbook was photographed at the OSU campus in late May 2001 prior to delivery to the Etherington Center. At the Etherington Center conservators removed each of the more than 700 objects from their deteriorated and unstable media support (the aged scrapbook pages). The objects were then cleaned and chemically stabilized ("deacidified"). This was followed by a careful remounting to new support pages, placed just as they were in the scrapbook edition prior to treatment. The support pages were then bound into a new scrapbook, and a protective box was fabricated for that final product. This restored scrapbook -- now kept in the excellent environment of the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum -- should last through hundreds of years of research usage.

Restoration Images - Before and After Preservation Treatment

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