Sunday , October 20th, 1918
"Golden Eyes" and Her Hero "Bill" Over There
Number Five
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Once again the sable and white of "Uncle Sam's" mane mingled in the gilded curls of "Bill's" girl, as she took him in her arms on the floor of the Hun's dugout. The German had stripped first of all the dispatch-case from about "Uncle Sam's" neck, and blindly she waited her fait; until the GOOD GENIUS of the ALLIES spoke to her and said, "Too obvious, 'Bill would never put your message there, IF "Uncle Sam' found him!" Feverishly, while she wound and washed the long gash on his foreleg, she unfurled a dirty, crimson-stained once-white bandage that had come with him from the American lines, from about another wire-torn leg, and found—what made her eyes gleam golden, her breath hurry and her heart pound. "'Uncle Sam' brought your call for help straight to me. So, darling, I am pinning my faith to our best friend, 'Uncle Sam'! I shall watch where he heads for—and will lead a raiding party to bring you back! Send him back to guide us if you can!" "Golden-Eyes" crumpled it in a little fist tucked away in the dark and watch the Hun officer with a wicked little smile. The dispatch-case was empty! "The dog failed—whatever he tried to do," mused the "heart-breaker" in field-gray. "You may keep him!" he beamed on "Golden-Eyes"

He did not report the capture of "Golden-Eyes." The creed of the German told him it would not be long until she would worship his "SUPER"—mannishness.

Meanwhile the silver-lilies of France on the silken hangings above her head seemed to wink in the candle-light!


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All Images from the San Francisco Academy of Comic Art Collection
Bill Blackbeard -Director
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