Sunday , November 3rd, 1918
"Golden Eyes" and Her Hero "Bill" Over There
Number Seven
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"Golden-Eyes," "Bill's" note between her heart and her stolen, lovely finery, beat her thoughts for a plan—her brain clouded with Anxiety, Terror standing at her shoulder through hours while she smiled upon the Hun. And the difficulty was that it be in "not too killing wise,"....After a dinner where wit and smiles and clumsy admiration and conceit sat at table with the rough guest, the Sound-of-Guns, that roared, and clattered the thin French glasses, where beautiful, stolen French champagne seethed, blond and clear, Von Schwatzenburg—wiched brain and heart maddened with the golden bubbles, his eyes dim—only that they saw the golden hair and white hands and exquisite smile of "Golden-Eyes" across the narrow board—suddenly rose to his feet and wrenched the barrier of laden table away! And "Golden-Eyes" needed a plan! For the GOD of Love stood in the shadow and smiled behind one upheld finger. Even while "Bill's" sweetheart knew the fright of an iron embrace and the horror of a Hun-face close to hers. "Uncle Same" lifted into the air, for the Captain's shoulders. Well—"Bill's" dog-pal nearly killed him! And the smiling God in the shadow tripped him on his own bronze spurs and smiled again when he fell and struck with his brutal cropped head on an empty champagne bottle, clutching at "Golden-Eyes" knees, dragging the toppling golden star of a candlestick down with him, and lying at last, stunned, his hands a-froth with lace and roses, a guttering candle on his chest! "Golden-Eyes" stooped swiftly, ripped open his tunic and rose with his papers in her hand. Had "Bill" seen her, this strange girl who was his and yet not his, curving like a vampire above her fallen foe, he would scarcely have known her smile—a smile of fear, triumph and hate!

"Scribble on the papers, "Bill's" girl, give me the word, and I'll be off to HIM. On my lithe, white leg, with the good heart in my body to drive them on. Lively, "Golden-Eyes!" barked "Uncle Sam" with a pink ribbon of tongue unfurled!


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All Images from the San Francisco Academy of Comic Art Collection
Bill Blackbeard -Director
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