Exhibition Loan Policy

The Ohio State University Libraries materials will be available for loan to other institutions for the purpose of exhibition provided that such a loan would not represent an unacceptable risk, would neither impede research at the OSUL nor interfere with proposed projects sponsored by the Libraries. No loans will be made to individuals. Items must be in good physical condition for a loan to be approved. Fragile materials may not be borrowed. Under most circumstances, materials borrowed from OSUL may not be exhibited continuously for more than ten weeks or more often than once every year. All arrangements for lending OSUL materials must be completed at least six weeks prior to the loan date. Two signed copies of the loan agreement must be executed.

Conditions Governing Loans

1. The borrowing institution must provide a written facilities report which includes details of security arrangements.

2. Borrowed materials must be displayed under secure conditions protected from ultraviolet radiation and intense visual light. For most library materials, 75-90 microwatts per lumen and 300 lux illuminance are acceptable. Upper limits of 50 lux illuminance and 75 microwatts per lumen of UV radiation are required for the display of photographs. Temperatures shall be maintained in the range of 65-75 degrees fahrenheit, and relative humidity shall be 40-55 percent. The Libraries reserves the right to require more stringent environmental controls for the display of fragile materials.

3. Materials shall be provided adequate and non-damaging support during exhibition.

4. Borrowed materials may not be altered or repaired in any way without written permission from the lender.

5. Encapsulated or framed materials may not be removed from their protective covering.

6. The borrower must provide appropriate security and protection from damage or deterioration from any externeal cause while the object is in transit, in storage, and on exhibition.

7. The borrower is responsible for insurance coverage from the shipping date through the return date unless otherwise arranged in writing. Borrowing institution shall be responsible for loss or damage that occurs to the materials from the shipping date through the return date to OSUL. Borrower shall obtain insurance coverage against loss or damage up to $_______ cash value of the material. Insurance company must agree to cover the return of all borrowed material to OSUL if borrower is unable to do so.

8. The borrower must pay all packing and transportation arrangements. The lender must approve of all transportation arrangements.

9. The borrower must notify the lender of any item not received as described on the condition report which accompanies it.

10. Materials must be returned to the lender at the address noted on this agreement.

11. Materials must be returned in the same condition, and arranged in the same order in which they were received.

12. The borrower must return all items packed according to professional standards. Items shipped in special containers must be returned in the same containers. The borrower is responsible for damage incurred due to improper packing.

13. Copyright of borrowed materials resides with the particular copyright owner(s). The borrower is responsible for securing appropriate permission before reproducing any loaned work.

14. The borrower is responsible for including the credit line specified by the lender in all exhibit-related published materials. At least one copy of all published materials shall be furnished to the lender at no charge.

15. The exhibited item(s) must be captioned to indicate the correct title of records or artifacts, as well as the statement that the material is on loan from The Ohio State University.

16. This agreement shall apply to all objects borrowed from The Ohio State University Libraries and cannot be altered, waived, or otherwise affected without the written consent of a representative of the Libraries.

This Agreement shall be binding upon and inure to the benefit of the parties hereto and their respective successors and assigns, limited, however, by any provisions herein expressed to the contrary.

This Agreement shall be governed under the laws of the State of Ohio. Any actions, suits, or claims that may arise pursuant to this Agreement shall be brought in the State of Ohio.

In order to cover the expenses of loan preparation, a research fee of $100 per object shall be charged. Payment of this fee is due at the time the loan agreement is signed.

rev, 8/2010