Photograph of Milton Caniff at his drawing board,

Photograph of Milton Caniff as a baby, 1907

Photograph of Milton Caniff drawing for the Dayton Boy Scout Camp newspaper, 1921

Aesop Up to Date by Milton Caniff, 1925

Oil painting of unknown man by Milton Caniff,

Photograph of Esther Parsons and Milton Caniff, ca. 1930

Mr. Gilfeather, October 24, 1932

The Gay Thirties, August 17, 1933

Dickie Dare, August 1, 1933

Terry and the Pirates, April 3, 1938

Male Call, week of October 22, 1944

Rejected Male Call strip, 1944

Insignia for USS Boarfish, USN by Milton Caniff, 194-?



1605 South by Ray Bailey

Terry and the Pirates, October 17, 1943

Steve Canyon, January 19, 1947

National Cartoonists Society Billy DeBeck Award, 1947

“Steve Canyon and Me” by Milton Caniff, Collier’s, November 20, 1948

National Cartoonists Society Reuben Award statuettes for 1947 and 1971

Steve Canyon licensed products

Dean Fredericks as Steve Canyon

Steve Canyon, December 25, 1960

“Now in My Day” by Milton Caniff, 1968

Photograph of Milton Caniff at the Milton Caniff Reading Room. Photograph by Doug Martin, 1979

Steve Canyon’s service medals, MAC.M72a

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