Comics Workshop – Sticky Note Saga with Hyejeon Jeon (virtual event)


May 15, 2021
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm


Join us for a FREE online comics workshop with cartoonist Hyejeon Jeon. Come hang out with other artists and get your creative juices flowing with drawing games on sticky notes! In this workshop, you will learn different ways of brainstorming and polishing story ideas. By the end of the workshop you will have finished (or very nearly!) one mini-adventure story.

Recommended for age 16 through adult. All skill levels welcome.


Please email with any questions.

Please note that this is an interactive workshop and participants will have the option to have their camera on. This event will not be recorded.

If you have registered but can no longer participate please email immediately to cancel so that someone on the waitlist can attend.

What you need:

• Sticky notes or note cards (any small pieces of paper works!)
• Your trusty pen or pencil.
Optional: tea and snacks because one cannot create on an empty stomach.

Workshop Objectives:

• Stretch your creative muscles!
• Draw with other people to get motivated and inspired for Summer.
• Play with story ideas through sticky note drawing games.
• Finish your own adventure comic on sticky notes!


About the Instructor:

Born in Seoul, South Korea, Hyejeon Jeon began as a little scholar of art history but took a full turn toward artmaking. She had been producing comic zines in Seoul until she moved to Columbus, Ohio to pursue an MFA in art at the Ohio State University. After graduating in 2020, she is currently working as a freelance illustrator while producing her own webcomic, “Mundane Villain.” Her comics draw upon Korean lore and her experiences growing up in modern South Korea.