Drawn On Stone [Political Prints from the 1830's and 1840's]

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E. W. Clay
Charles Rivière Hérard
Publisher: H. R. Robinson

In 1843, Charles Rivière Hérard led a successful rebellion against Haitian President-for-Life Jean Pierre Boyer.   Hérard became President of Haiti, but was ousted from power by another revolution only a year later.

This portrait is printed on the reverse side of The Effects of the Tariff of 1842/Free Trade of 1840.

On May 1, 1844 the Whig nominating convention picked Theodore Frelinghuysen as Henry Clay’s running mate while at the end of the same month, the Democrats unexpectedly chose James K. Polk and George Dallas as their candidates.  This places the date of the print, which refers to the candidacy of all four men, after May 1844.

However, it seems unlikely that the print on the reverse, Charles Rivière Hérard, was published that late, given that Hérard was overthrown in Haiti in May 1844.  It is conceivable that unsold prints were recycled by printing campaign cartoons on the blank side.