"Ike! Say the 49th & let’s settle it amercably"
"No Sir = see I goes for the hull of Oregon or none. I do & don’t do nor-thin else. "
Drawn On Stone [Political Prints from the 1830's and 1840's]

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Frances Palmer
War! Or No War
Publisher: Thomas Odham
This print is one of the few cartoons in this exhibit not published by H.R. Robinson.  Unlike the others, it does not depict politicians and public servants, but rather typical Irish immigrants commenting on the United States’ dispute with Canada over the northern boundary of the Oregon territory.  Many wanted the U.S. to accept a compromise at the 49th parallel.

Also, unlike most of the other cartoons in this exhibition, the creator is not advocating a particular position but rather gently poking fun at the growing participation and interest of the lower classes in political life.